Save Life Don’t Take Life


Within the past 10 years, Joshua has suffered an increasing amount of losses due to suicide, including a couple from the high school. In 2010, a 13 year old boy from Loflin Middle School and a 17 year old girl from JHS took their lives. The same thing happened last year; a freshman from the Ninth Grade Campus committed suicide, and a 12 year old girl from Nichols took her life on March 3. 

The Owl Flight Newspaper Staff issued an anonymous survey that shows 75.5% of  students interviewed have experienced suicidal thoughts, 39.6% of them have acted on them, and 90.6% have lost a loved one to suicide. These numbers aren’t new–suicide is second leading cause of death amongst teens, second only to motor vehicle fatalities. They represent a pandemic amongst our generation, and understanding the issues and stigma surrounding mental health and suicide is a key factor in stopping it. Knowing the risk factors, such as: mental disorders, any form of abuse or ongoing mistreatment, alcohol or drug abuse, and stigma, among many others, are important to take note of, as they can be the stressor for suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

Knowing the warning signs are crucial to suicide prevention as well, and the list can be found here. Help reduce the stigma around mental health and suicide by reaching out and getting or giving help when needed. You are never alone.