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The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

Save Life Dont Take Life

Save Life Don’t Take Life

Rylie Fleming, Reporter April 18, 2022

Within the past 10 years, Joshua has suffered an increasing amount of losses due to suicide, including a couple from the high school. In 2010, a 13 year old boy from Loflin Middle School and a 17 year...

AP Environmental Science

Nick Smith, Managing Editor April 18, 2022

Due to such a small number of students signing up for AP Environmental Science, the course will not be offered for the 2022-2023 school year.  Students should sign up for Advanced Placement Environmental...

Growing City

Growing City

Nick Smith, Managing Editor March 30, 2022

Over the past decade, Joshua has flourished and grown in size, population and culture.  One example of this newfound urbanization is the Jett Sett Salon & Suites, a local small business dedicated...

Silence (And Technology) Is Compliance

Rylie Fleming, Reporter November 17, 2021

“We tend to default to complacency. Stick to the easy option,” Ben Fogle once said. This leads us to the question, “Do technologies like television and cell phones make us more complacent as a society?”...

Photographer-  Zoheb Hassanlai

8 Things To Do Before Graduation

Nick Smith, Managing Editor November 11, 2021

As a high school student, teenagers get certain liberties that are exclusive to the ‘All-American’ teenage experience. There are things that every student in Joshua should do before graduating.  ...

Looking In

Looking In

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter November 8, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic took a large toll on mental health overall. People were trapped inside their homes, some with abusive family members or perhaps even stuck in countries across the world with no way...



Rylie Fleming, Reporter November 8, 2021

“Not all men.” Not all men, but almost every single woman. Ever since Sarah Everard’s murder, the 97% movement has been resurfacing all across the world and social media. Everard was raped...

Waste Not Want Not

Cynthia Bustamante, Reporter October 25, 2021

530,000 tons of food is wasted across America on a yearly basis. This is an abomination in any country where people are starving and everyone should do their part to decrease this level of food waste....

Benefits of Community Collaboration

Nick Smith, Managing Editor October 25, 2021

Imagine visiting the local senior center home, conversing with residents, and seeing the smiles brought to their faces. Volunteer work opens up a completely new world of thinking and eventually career...

Safe at School

Khloe Rockwell, Reporter October 12, 2021

Locks, lights, out of sight. Don’t make a sound. Even if your mind is screaming to run - stay calm. Hide. Don’t leave your hiding spot to help anyone. Don’t be a hero. Don’t call your parents,...

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