The Owl Flight

  • Don’t Derail the Train of Thought

    Don’t Derail the Train of Thought

    Ashlynn McBrayer, Staff Writer

    January 22, 2019

    Some people remember every little detail of their entire life; they can remember what color shoes they wore on their first day of kindergarten. However, there are other people who can’t even remember to brush their hair in the morning. Memory may seem a little crazy at times, but there is a specif...

  • Heart, Soul for Music

    Heart, Soul for Music

    Jaden Keith, Managing Editor

    December 20, 2018

    When Junior Jasmine Morgan was four years old she discovered exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “I was in a musical at the time, when I got home from rehearsal one day I had knew all the words to every song in the entire musical,.” Morgan said. “It was pretty clear from th...

    Jasmine wows JHS at the Thanksgiving talent show.

    Mrs. Zachry

  • Put Pep Back in School’s Rep

    Put Pep Back in School’s Rep

    Jorge Sánchez González, Staff Writer/Photographer

    December 18, 2018

    The word “pep” in pep rally means energy or high spirit and rally mean assemble in a meeting. The both together can make people feel enthusiasm, happy or excited for the upcoming event. Pep rallies were made to create and develop high school spirit and cheer local teams in fun way before a game or m...

  • Navy’s Birthday Brings Out Giants

    Navy’s Birthday Brings Out Giants

    October 19, 2018

    Once again the Navy JROTC department put on an amazing Birthday Ball to celebrate their service turning a spry 243 years old since its inception in 1775.  A magical transformation of the Galbreath Gymnasium took place, giving it the appearance of a formal ballroom.  Numerous old warriors gathered t...

    The first slices of birthday cake are shared with the special guests.

    Jorge Sanchez Gonzalez

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  • Teachers Share Most Cringe-Worthy Dating Expriences

    With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, shops and social media are flooded with flowers, chocolates, and dates. Some dates are better than others, w...

  • Love is in the Air

    As the month of love is coming to an end, these teacher couples continue to celebrate their admiration for each other inside and outside of school. ...

  • 10 Things to be Thankful for Over the Holidays

    There are many things to be thankful for during the holiday season. It's a time of eating good food, spending time with family and friends, and being ...

  • Owls are excited for Thanksgiving break

    With Thanksgiving break just around the corner, the halls are buzzing with excitement with talk about everyone's plans for the week-long break. "I'...

  • Donating For Cause

    Students give blood for a number of reasons including to get a free T-shirt or to get out of class. Some students donate for the pure thrill of saving...

  • Old Owls Fly Their Own Paths

    Their eyes are mesmerized by the blue caps that fill the sky. Four years worth of memories flash through their minds in what seems like the blink of a...

  • Saying Goodbye to American Dreams

    Seniors aren't the only ones who leave at the end of the year; foreign exchange students from all over the world are beginning to count down the d...

  • A Formal Visit

    Instead of the usual note taking and daily lecture on Thursday, April 9, government/economics teacher Karen Yancy invited U.S. Congressman Roger Willi...

  • Art for Thought

    For seven years now, JHS has hosted a “Gallery Night.” Gallery Night allows students and staff to showcase their art for others to see. When Galle...



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