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The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

Zachry managed to graduate on time, though she missed nine weeks of school.

Life: Round Two

Nick Smith, Managing Editor January 20, 2022

Celeste Zachry died. While she was in her joyful teenage years, the beloved English teacher’s life ended on a fateful day.  Her car crash incident is told every year to her classes on the anniversary...

Christmas Across the World

Christmas Across the World

Rylie Fleming, Reporter December 15, 2021

5,088 miles away from home, junior foreign exchange student Caroline Murmann is spending her Christmas in good ol’ Joshua, Texas. For nearly an entire year, JHS foreign exchange students live away from...

Mrs. Nichols and her daughter, Shakeh.

Surface Skimming

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter December 14, 2021

Her fluffy mane of curls can be seen from across the 300 hall as her heels clack on the tile floor. She greets her students with a bright burst of energy and a smile. Fashion icon, real estate agent, city...

Chemistry teacher and UIL Science Coach Mr. Massey teaches his class.

Massey is More Than Class-ey

Cynthia Bustamante, Reporter November 17, 2021

His current or former students see him roaming the halls from time to time. He is generally known as a teacher who loves to talk to his students and have a good chat about anything science-related. He...

Coach DeArman watches on.

Best in the Field

Brianna Latham, Staff Reporter November 16, 2021

From waking up bright and early every morning to coach his boys, to staying out late under those Friday night lights, Joshua High School’s head football Coach, Danny Dearman, wouldn’t trade his career...

Ms. World-Wide Traveler Resides Locally

Ms. World-Wide Traveler Resides Locally

Nick Smith, Managing Editor November 9, 2021

As she enjoys a promenade through the streets in China as a child, the wanderlust junior, Mercy Lewis, revels in her favorite treat, a caramelized crab apple on a stick, bought from a beloved food stand....

Teacher Timetable Tips

Nick Smith, Managing Editor October 8, 2021
“I did a lot of things when I was younger, but I narrowed my focus to band when I got to high school and that helped me have more time to work on my instrument and practicing [so] band was my only extracurricular,” Couey said. “I was an all-state flutist three years in a row [because I scheduled time to] practice a lot [and still exceed in my classes. Also,] I was an assistant drum major my sophomore year [and a drum major my junior and senior year] at Marcus High School.

Making Life Her Canvas

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter September 22, 2021
"I especially love it when people duet my videos; I think it’s the best thing ever." - Kylie Crane

Mental Health Matters

Rylie Fleming, Reporter September 21, 2021

Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic, especially amongst Gen Z and the media. “Mental health is one of the most important things because, in my opinion, it controls everything I...

Josh Bischops and Lillie Couey conducting the band in the 2021 homecoming pep rally.

From Behind the Screen to on the Seen

Nick Smith, Reporter September 17, 2021

Joshua’s 2021 head drum major, senior Josh Bischops, made a vast leap to the band’s highest position, from distance-learning his entire junior year to everybody’s eyes on him this year. Last year,...

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