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The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

Money Really Matters

Money Really Matters

Brianna Latham, Reporter December 21, 2022

Financing one's funds is one of the most crucial things a student should learn, especially whilst still in high school. Fortunately, the high school provides students with a course specified to teaching...

Work is Dunn

Work is ‘Dunn’

Reagan Walker, Editor-In-Chief December 16, 2022

A gust of frigid wind blew papers and canopies away, into muddy puddles and bystanders. Despite the premature wintry weather, the displays of art along the boulevard dazzle the grounds with the local...

Not Always Teachers

Not Always Teachers

Aren Golleher, Reporter October 7, 2022

In a survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Junior Achievement USA and The Hartford, researchers found that most young adults continue to alter their career choice, even after going to school for their...

Excellence Knows No Limits

Excellence Knows No Limits

Nick Smith, Managing Editor May 25, 2022

First. To hear that one word opens brains to an infinite number of emotions which compels humans to reach for it again.  All of her life she has been on the podium. Fiyinfoluwa Olajide settles for...

Cover art for Kaoganis latest release, DAYBREAK 2021.

Music in Progress

Rylie Fleming, Reporter February 23, 2022

A beat echoes in the quiet closet. The silence begs for him to start vocalizing, filling the silent space with his art.  Sophomore Anthony Garner, otherwise known as Kaogani on Soundcloud, has...

Decade of Dancing

Decade of Dancing

Nick Smith, Managing Editor February 22, 2022

Once the football players step off of the field, the show is on. Her light golden hair is pulled back into a tight, neat bun and her bright smile is sharp enough to be seen from the top of the stadium....

No Rebuttals Needed

Rylie Fleming, Reporter February 16, 2022

On Jan. 12 senior Daniel Delgado competed in the Texas State UIL Congress Debate Competition in Austin.  “Congress is an individual contest in a large group setting,” Delgado said. “It models...

A tradition after every football game, Abby uses her strength to pick Bear up.

Power Couple

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter January 25, 2022

Friends and romantic partners alike usually have something that brings them together. Whether it’s a shared interest, circle of friends, or a hobby, from this a bond is formed. For seniors Abby Mitchell...

Zachry managed to graduate on time, though she missed nine weeks of school.

Life: Round Two

Nick Smith, Managing Editor January 20, 2022

Celeste Zachry died. While she was in her joyful teenage years, the beloved English teacher’s life ended on a fateful day.  Her car crash incident is told every year to her classes on the anniversary...

Christmas Across the World

Christmas Across the World

Rylie Fleming, Reporter December 15, 2021

5,088 miles away from home, junior foreign exchange student Caroline Murmann is spending her Christmas in good ol’ Joshua, Texas. For nearly an entire year, JHS foreign exchange students live away from...

Mrs. Nichols and her daughter, Shakeh.

Surface Skimming

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter December 14, 2021

Her fluffy mane of curls can be seen from across the 300 hall as her heels clack on the tile floor. She greets her students with a bright burst of energy and a smile. Fashion icon, real estate agent, city...

Chemistry teacher and UIL Science Coach Mr. Massey teaches his class.

Massey is More Than Class-ey

Cynthia Bustamante, Reporter November 17, 2021

His current or former students see him roaming the halls from time to time. He is generally known as a teacher who loves to talk to his students and have a good chat about anything science-related. He...

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