Heart, Soul for Music

Joshua Junior on Track for Big Things

When Junior Jasmine Morgan was four years old she discovered exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“I was in a musical at the time, when I got home from rehearsal one day I had knew all the words to every song in the entire musical,.” Morgan said. “It was pretty clear from that moment on that I liked music a lot.”

It didn’t take long for young Morgan to showcase her talent to the world.

“Around the age six or seven I started a YouTube channel where I sang song covers; my first one was I got nerve by Hannah Montana,” Morgan said. “I’ve definitely deleted those videos since then, though.”

Regardless of talent, nothing was ever just handed to Morgan growing up and she had to work hard through struggles regarding her speech.

“The school wanted to hold me back for a year when I was six because of a speech impediment I had,” Morgan said. “I went to a speech tutor and it helped a lot and actually improved my singing.”

As Morgan became older, it became more and more evident that music was something she wanted to be involved in for the rest of her life.  

“When people started telling me I made their day and inspired them, I wanted to continue and keep inspiring others,” Morgan said.

Morgan works hard to accomplish her dreams and goals by making a 14 hour trip to Nashville with her mother every single weekend to work with her vocal coach, polishing coach, performance coach, career strategist, social media specialist, mentor, and managers.

“I go to Nashville once a week to work on music that I will be singing in the future,” Morgan said. “And build my range vocally and in the business side of things and work on song-writing skills. Currently I’m singing a Christmas song with Michael Peterson.”

While Morgan currently resides in Joshua, the trip to Nashville is taxing and tiring, however she shines light on her favorite parts of being in the music industry.

“I love being creative,” Morgan said. “I’m not the type who wants a typical 9-5 office job because that’s not what interests me. The music industry keeps me on my toes, which is what I like.”

Jasmine plans to write more blues-inspired country music that she hopes people find relatable. Her goals are to inspire people, fill stadiums, and perform to the masses.

“I absolutely love music,” Morgan said. “I’m very proud of mine and how far I’ve come with it.”