Take on Turkey


With the holiday season – not just Christmas – coming up, families are able to get together and celebrate like they weren’t able to last year. The student body and faculty have their fair share of exciting plans and opinions for the upcoming holiday break.

History teacher Jill Brown 

     “We’re doing Christmas at Thanksgiving because [my son and daughter-in-law] live in North Carolina and [they] can’t travel that close to the due date. We’re having a baby shower, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all at once. There are [going to be] 22 people at my house. It’s just crazy pants. It’s crazy pants.”

Senior Katherine Thomson 

     “On Thanksgiving, I’m in charge of the devilled eggs, and my mom is making her world-famous chocolate chip cookies. All fifteen of my dad’s girlfriends are gonna be there too.”

Junior Cody Fowler

      “The apple pie is definitely my favorite part [of Thanksgiving dinner]. It’s the best part of the night.”

Senior David Flowers

     “I love the stuffing. [It’s] hands-down the best thing on the table.” 

Junior Kenzie Wheeler 

     “I can’t wait to see family that I normally don’t get to. It was really hard last year with COVID keeping my family apart.”

Senior Damien Leon

“I’m ecstatic about playing at a college, with my band, over the Thanksgiving break.”

Junior Kyla Vestlie

      “I’m working on Thanksgiving and hanging out with Draven.”

Senior Draven Johnson

     “I’m gonna be working and spending time with my friends and family.”

Senior Nills Jahn 

     “I’m very excited. I’m going to Michigan to see a marriage.”

Junior Xavier Ruiz

     “I competitively ate turkeys [last year]. I ate two and a half turkeys by myself.”

Junior Bree Latham

     “I hate the family drama, and the freaking keto diet we have to eat every year.”

Have an amazing Thanksgiving Break, Owls! Stay safe, stuff yourselves, and sleep-in over the next week.