Massey is More Than Class-ey


Chemistry teacher and UIL Science Coach Mr. Massey teaches his class.

His current or former students see him roaming the halls from time to time. He is generally known as a teacher who loves to talk to his students and have a good chat about anything science-related. He is willing to stay after school for his students when necessary, and is also willing to help them with any issues or questions they may have for him; this excellent teacher is known as Mr. Doug Massey.

Massey’s devotion to science isn’t limited to a classroom setting: he’s the coach for the University Interscholastic League Science Team.

A majority of students have a preferred subject at school or one that they strive at and have a good understanding of. Some prefer math, others history or English, and some like science better than any other subject. Those students who enjoy science should be informed that there is a University Interscholastic League Science Team that competes in the area of science.

“In 1997, I began teaching chemistry full time,” Massey said. “Previously, I tutored students in chemistry.”

His inspiration came from his uncle and following the years he’s been a teacher to keep explaining difficult chemistry concepts and helping them understand more about the wonderful world of chemistry and what it’s all about.

“[He] became a physics teacher in west Texas, after WWII,” Massey said. “He bought an old airplane and used it to teach his students about physics.”

For Massey, explaining how things work was always something he enjoyed doing. Teaching others, in hope to make them enjoy the same things he enjoyed when he was in school, is what he works hard for as an educator. Oftentimes people question whether or not they want to become a teacher and Mr. Massey has advice for them.

“If you really enjoy interacting with young learners, and really enjoy explaining difficult concepts then teaching might be the right career,” Massey said.

Those who truly excel in the subject of science and want to win awards for the school should join the UIL Science team, for which Mr. Massey is the coach. The team frequently wins awards for the district; to prepare for this competition they practice to be fully prepared for any of the three topics (biology, chemistry, or physics) that could be presented during the competition. Second year UIL Science student Samantha Spalding spends time with Mr. Massey and the UIL Science team, practicing for such competitions.

“We get packets of prior science tests and do mock tests with them,” Spalding said. “We also read designated physics books.”

This is how the incredible science team prepares; more often than not, it pays off, with them bringing awards and honors back to JHS.

Mr. Massey treats his students in class and his UIL students similarly.

“I would say the only upside is UIL students actually want to learn, so it’s a little more friendly of an environment,”  Spalding said.

Mr. Massey is known to be a very nice person by students and other teachers, as well.

“He’s funny, in a ‘stale humor’ kind of way,” Spalding said. “He’s a funny teacher, and he can be a really good teacher when he stays on topic.”

This same incredible team has advanced to regionals and state with the help of their devoted coach. Mr. Massey continues to inspire students to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.