8 Things To Do Before Graduation


Photographer- Zoheb Hassanlai

As a high school student, teenagers get certain liberties that are exclusive to the ‘All-American’ teenage experience. There are things that every student in Joshua should do before graduating. 

  1. Go to a party:

Students should go to parties and hang out with trusted friends. Every movie about high school always features a party scene, and it is easily represented through the media as a landmark moment of high school. 

      2. Visit local historical museums:

Old Town Burleson and Cleburne both have museums dedicated to represent the local history of Johnson county. By dedicating a Saturday, Joshua teens can become more educated about major historical events and the effects of it locally.

      3. Go on vacations:

Seeing foreign places improves personal character and understanding of different cultures. Also, it is fun to get away from home every once in a while. 

      4. Go and see what Young Life has to offer-

Young Life is a fun way for Joshua students to enjoy themselves locally. Young Life meets every Monday at 7:02 p.m. 

      5. Support local businesses:

Joshua has many small businesses that have been struggling to recover from the pandemic. Going out to eat or shopping at a local store at least once a week will support the local economy.

      6. Get a job:

For students to gain work experience before graduation is essential to support jobs that they seek after high school. Employers trust graduate employees that have had previous experience with jobs. 

      7. Learn to Drive:

Driving is the most abundant form of transportation to and from work, and most job locations do not provide other methods of travel. 

      8. Taste a variety of Cuisines: 

Nobody knows what type of food that they like without tasting it, so teenagers should try the food of other cultures and see what the food is like and expand their nutritional options.