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Art Students Discuss Meaning of Art

Art is a way people express themselves, a way for people to share a lesson or tell a story.

For some, it allows them to let go of something, and for others, it’s a way for them to entertain and excite themselves; senior Reese Reynolds believes art stimulates these feelings in students.

“Art can be a very therapeutic process to many,” Reynolds said. “It allows you to release emotions you didn’t know were bottled up, from anger to sadness. For me, when I get my emotions and ‘soul’ involved in a piece it allows me to express how I feel and let go of things weighing me down.”

Christian Vyers

When a person decides to go into art they have a reason to, a purpose. They decide what they have a fondness for and go with it. 

“I’ve always liked art,” sophomore Jacob Pasket said. “Every time I create an art piece I feel like I am creating something of worth. I feel like I am really giving myself a chance to put my emotions into something or just to show something I like. I guess in a way [it’s] giving myself a purpose.”

Art has an affect on people. Sophomore Ethan Henry believes that when someone is making an art piece or observing it, the piece can be very influential.

“It allows you to express your feelings in a way that affects how you feel about certain things,” Henry said. “It allows you to use the right side of your brain. It allows you to be more creative and create new things, because of the effect.”

 For those who create art pieces, the process starts with an idea. To get this idea one would need inspiration, a stimulus.  

“I come up with ideas by getting inspiration from shows, pictures, or colors I like,” senior Abigail Di Ganci said. “Sometimes I’ll just see a certain color, and I can picture a piece that would look nice with that color in it. But mostly, I’ll use shows and movies, specifically ones with nice lighting or animation styles to get inspiration from.”

Stress can become a big factor at certain times, especially with deadlines and Art-Block. 

“Art can definitely be stressful sometimes,” Di Ganci said. “Art block frustrates me and stresses me out, and sometimes I just have to set down my art supplies and walk away from something for a few hours so I don’t trash it. That and deadlines regarding competitions, commissions and assignments can make art stressful. But overall, I usually view it as a stress reliever more than a stressor.”

Time is an important factor in art and can change the way some art comes out. Pasket believes the average time to finish an art piece depends on the type of piece itself. 

 “If it’s a normal drawing it can take up to a few hours,” Pasket said. “But, if it’s an actual project we are doing, for example shading or painting, then it could take a week or even two or three weeks.”

There is a difference between seeing a piece and making that piece yourself. Reynolds believes that when creating a piece one may criticize themselves and think their piece isn’t worthwhile while the ones seeing the piece think of it in a completely different perspective, one usually more positive. 

Reese Reynolds

“For me, the process of creating an art piece is usually very rough,” Reynolds said. “I tend to criticize my art very hard and I’m not usually satisfied with the outcome. Due to this, I sometimes try to fix a piece and end up ruining it which then makes it where I have to start over. When you see an art piece from an outside view you don’t see all the things wrong with it, but when you’re the artist that creates the piece the criticism is never ending.”

Art is very influential on people and tends to help people through some rough times. So getting into it can change one’s perspective on life. For those considering starting art, Reynolds is here to offer a tip. 

“Just because you aren’t good at one type of art doesn’t mean you’re bad at art,” Reynolds said. “Art can be dissected into so many different categories that there is bound to be one form of art for you to enjoy.”

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