The Silenced Pledge


American flag waving against sky. Free public domain CC0 photo.

For hundreds of years our nation has had a strong sense of patriotism, patriotism that we have held onto through the good and bad times. The best have risen up, and have done their duty to protect this country. 

We pledge our freedom, patriotism, and nationalism to the flag. Our pledge is respect to our country, our flag, and to those who have come before us. Some have given their lives to keep us safe. 

The Pledge of Allegiance is an important part of our everyday life. It is a reminder of all the privileges and freedoms our country has to offer. 

The new generation of our society has become disrespectful, reckless, and ungrateful. This new generation has decided to stop saying the pledge; some people don’t even stand during it. 

Some students have said they don’t say the pledge because they don’t want to be the only ones saying it. Others don’t see a reason to because they think it is just history, not the future.

The Pledge of Allegiance is our past, present, and future. Our gratitude and loyalty are represented when we recite the pledge. 

Others have mentioned they don’t stand for the pledge because they don’t agree with the leaders. The pledge is to our country, not to our president.

The new sense of recklessness is taking our country down from within. We are showing weakness and a sense of giving up.

The pledge is our character and what holds this country together. It reminds us of the good and bad times, to not repeat our past mistakes, and to hold on tight as we go through new rough times.

Respect and loyalty to this country and to each other is what we need in times of the unknown.

Hopefully, people in the near future will realize how important the pledge is and start joining in, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance once again.