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There are several organizations our high school has to offer, such as dance, athletics, and NJROTC. 

Joshua’s NJROTC unit is a place where one can learn life skills and lessons no other organizations offer. For some, the cadets and instructors are like family.

My favorite part of ROTC is the people; they always make my day.

— freshman Oscar Salgado

The unit has a lot to offer. Some examples are the trips they take, teams, leadership positions, or a chance to be part of a bigger picture. 

“I have been given the opportunity to work with the drill teams,” sophomore Brayden Picchi said. “I am also an officer because I wanted to try everything that ROTC has to offer.”

ROTC has taken several field trips, with many more to come. They have traveled many times to Tarleton State University for football games, challenge courses, etc. They have also traveled to NASA, the USS Lexington, the Nimitz Museum, the lake, and several other places.

“My favorite trip that I have been on is the Fort Worth Veterans Day parade,” senior Libby Pillot said. 

The unit is always present to support and show appreciation for our country’s veterans.

“Every year on Veterans Day, you can find us marching through the streets of Fort Worth,” Picchi said.

It takes a great deal of organization and planning to make things like this happen. All of the cadets are extremely happy and grateful they are given these opportunities.

To have a class that interacts with school, but also takes you to a place unlike any other program that Joshua has to offer is absolutely amazing,” Picchi said.

When people think ROTC, some imagine a military recruiter waiting with a pen and contract in hand. This is not the case. While the unit has the means to prepare people for the military, if chosen, but not everyone in ROTC is going into the military.

Some join for the life lessons or for the lifelong bond you can make, a family-like bond.

“You will definitely make connections,” Pillot said. “Eventually when you become a senior, you will look back at all the things you’ve done and realize that you made one of the best decisions of your life, being in ROTC.”

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  • Photos compliments of the NJROTC Department

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