Shooting For Nationals

NJROTC Rifle Teams Sweep State


The school’s NJROTC rifle teams shot the state match, hosted by Joshua. Area 10 consists of 68 NJROTC units. In order to get to this level of competition, the team had to shoot a qualifying match in October; the top 17 teams out of 68, qualified for Area 10. 

Both Precision and Sporter teams represented Joshua in the state shoot.

Shooters on Precision A were Cadets Nolan Sharp, Brooklyn Reames, Carter Trahan, and Aren Golleher. On Precision B were Cadets Jaren Vickers, Jaxon Bunch, Hunter White, and Christian Vyers. The precision alternate was Cadet Diego Farzam.

Representing Sporter A were Cadets Riley Woods, Hayden Miller, Nathan Catoe, and Sam Garcia. On Sporter B were Cadets Aidan Warmath, Trenton Rodrigues, Alexander Glenn, and Gavin Ross. Shooting on Sporter C were Cadets Andon Pentacost, Alejandro Arpero, Kadence Parsley, and Kaeden Rhodes.

After some astonishing scores, Joshua took first and second place in both Precision and Sporter.

Several cadets made finals. On the Sporter side, five out of the eight finalists were Joshua Cadets. On the Precision side, there was a full Joshua sweep, all eight shooters were Joshua Cadets.

The Joshua Sporter finalists were Cadets Hayden Miller, Trenton Rodrigues, Nathan Catoe, Alexander Glenn, and Riley Woods.

The Precision finalists were Cadets Diego Farzam, Brooklyn Reames, Nolan Sharp, Carter Trahan, Hunter White, Jaxon Bunch, Aren Golleher, and Jaren Vickers.

Finals consist of a series of fast-paced shots. The shooters begin in the kneeling position; they are given five minutes for sighting shots and then three sets of five shots, with a time limit of 200 seconds.

After the kneeling position, the shooters are given seven minutes for changeover to the prone position and sighting time. They are once again given three sets of five shots but with a time limit of 150 seconds. 

Finally, the shooters are given nine minutes for changeover to standing, including their sighting time. They shoot two sets of five shots with a time limit of 250 seconds. 

After these sets, seventh and eighth place shooters are eliminated. Once these shooters have been eliminated, the remaining shooters shoot one shot in a time limit of 50 seconds. After this shot, sixth place is eliminated. This cycle continues until there is only one shooter left.

“It was a little nerve racking making finals, but once we started, I was able to regain my confidence,” Cadet Vickers said. 

On the Precision side, Cadet Reames finished in first place, followed by Cadet Golleher in second place, and Cadet Bunch taking third place. An honorable mention to fourth place was Cadet Farzam.

“Finals gave me confidence for matches to come and excitement for this season,” Cadet Reames said.

For the Sporter side, Cadet Glenn took second place, Cadet Woods took third place, followed by Cadet Catoe in fourth place, Cadet Rodrigues in fifth place, and Cadet Miller in sixth place.

“Finals were great, even though I didn’t get to shoot,” Cadet Warmath said. “I was there to support my team.” 

Precision A and B, as well as Sporter A, have qualified to shoot at Navy Nationals in Feb. 2023. Navy Nationals are being held in Sandy, Utah. 

“As long as we stay focused, we will have the ability and confidence to bring back the big cup,” Cadet Sharp said.

Precision and Sporter A and B are being recognized for their hard work, dedication, as well as their accomplishments.

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