Five Star Dance

Joshua had their first homecoming dance in four years. With the help of the student council and the yearbook staff, students danced with the stars. Staged in the cafeteria, the attendees spent a night on the red carpet. 

Just from scrolling through social media, it was obvious that there were plenty of opportunities to take good pictures Under The Arch, but was the dance itself a night to remember?

Some attendees thought it was a night to remember, while others were either neutral or thought that there were improvements that could have been made. 

However, the students collectively enjoyed some parts of the dance, such as the “Night on the Red Carpet” theme and spending time with their friends.

Senior Drew Welch said,” I loved it! It was great to be able to relax and have a great time with friends and classmates away from the classroom.”

Another senior, Kylie Crane, loved the creativity in the decoration. However, she thought the venue could not sustain the amount of dancing students. 

Crane explained, “It was a cute theme, but there were a lot of people. Overall, it was really fun!” 

Senior Reagan Walker had a good time as well, but had the same opinion of the crowded cafeteria.

“For my first homecoming dance, it was fun, but my toes were in danger,” Walker said.

Overall, the student body was very opinionated about the music played at the dance.

“I [thought] it was really good. The songs [weren’t] that fun, though,” Junior Audrey Pentecost said.

Senior Mercy Lewis shared a distaste for the songs played at the dance.  

“They played like the same five songs,” she said.

While there wasn’t a lot of music variety, people danced nevertheless.  There were huge crowds pumping their fists in the air, chanting, forming conga lines, and even getting on top of each other’s shoulders. 

An anonymous sophomore said, “The first two hours were good; the last two were boring.”

While this might have been true for the sophomore, the school dance is what we make out of it. 

Personally, I enjoyed the enthusiasm on the dance floor and looking at all of the stunning dresses across the room. In general, everyone looked ready to accept an Oscar. 

As sophomore Emma Fleck said, “It was good… I rate it five stars.”