Dayton Sanders: The Next Stephen King

Dayton Sanders might not say much, but he is a man of many words. Writing is his lifeline, and he aspires to become a published horror novelist.

His endless creativity has led to the completion of nearly 30 short stories, as well as three books. 

“They’re loosely based on ideas that just come to me. Some are dreams, sometimes it’s like some small thing I see in a movie, and I’m like, I could expand on that,” Sanders said. 

Dayton Sanders has been an absolute horror fanatic since he was just 5 years old; he’s seen all the classics and his bedroom wall is covered with creepy posters. 

“I like all of the old ’80s cheesy slashers, but also the psychological stuff that makes you think,¨ Sanders said. 

For his stories, Sanders often enjoys delving into the apocalyptic and futuristic aspects of the genre. For example, he is currently working on a book based on a dream he had called the Fourth Trial, in which a natural disaster occurs at his home. 

¨My TV changed into some inter-dimensional thing and demons invited me to partake in their games of sorts,¨ Sanders said. 

While his dreams play a large role in influencing his stories, a few well known authors do as well, such as Stephen King. 

“He is a big inspiration for a lot of the stuff I write; all of the bizarre happenings and what-not,¨ Sanders said,

Dayton Sanders may not be a New York Times bestseller as of yet, however, he has much support from his fans.

“I’d say my biggest supporters are Brooklyn and my parents and siblings, because every time I’m like, hey, I’m writing something, they’re like, oh, that’s so cool! Can you show me a little bit? They’re always so eager to find out what it is, and so excited when I tell them, which really helps,” Sanders said.

Clearly, he won’t put down the pen anytime soon, as there is a lot for Dayton Sanders to love about writing horror stories. 

“It’s a way to build your own world, and it’s almost like acting; people love acting because they get to play their different characters,” he said. “I like writing because you get to dive into a completely different world and explore it, and become so many different characters. It’s like watching a movie that you made.”