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The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

The Student News Site of Joshua High School

The Owl Flight

Safe at School

Khloe Rockwell, Reporter October 12, 2021

Locks, lights, out of sight. Don’t make a sound. Even if your mind is screaming to run - stay calm. Hide. Don’t leave your hiding spot to help anyone. Don’t be a hero. Don’t call your parents,...

Teacher Timetable Tips

Nick Smith, Managing Editor October 8, 2021
“I did a lot of things when I was younger, but I narrowed my focus to band when I got to high school and that helped me have more time to work on my instrument and practicing [so] band was my only extracurricular,” Couey said. “I was an all-state flutist three years in a row [because I scheduled time to] practice a lot [and still exceed in my classes. Also,] I was an assistant drum major my sophomore year [and a drum major my junior and senior year] at Marcus High School.
Crane in one of her cosplays, as Coraline.

Making Life Her Canvas

Brooklyn McKinney, Reporter September 22, 2021
"I especially love it when people duet my videos; I think it’s the best thing ever." - Kylie Crane

Mental Health Matters

Rylie Fleming, Reporter September 21, 2021

Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic, especially amongst Gen Z and the media. “Mental health is one of the most important things because, in my opinion, it controls everything I...

Josh Bischops and Lillie Couey conducting the band in the 2021 homecoming pep rally.

From Behind the Screen to on the Seen

Nick Smith, Reporter September 17, 2021

Joshua’s 2021 head drum major, senior Josh Bischops, made a vast leap to the band’s highest position, from distance-learning his entire junior year to everybody’s eyes on him this year. Last year,...

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