See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole

Nicole Garrow, Staff Writer

See You at the Pole is an annual event which was started here in Burleson by a small group of high school students wanting to express their faith in public with fellow classmates. See You at the Pole started back in 1990, and has spread dramatically throughout the county. The group of students who founded this national awareness meeting began by going to several different schools, gathering around the flagpole, and praying for their friends, family, and their community. Now, 24 years later, millions of students of differnet races and backgrounds come together to share their love of Christ on the fourth Wednesday in September.

Because of the separation of church and state, See You at the Pole is a student led event. This year, the student president of The Reality club is senior Lindsay Tucker, who was accompanied by senior Isabell Osborn, Joanie Fleischer, and many Reality club members at the event.

This year’s turn-out was one of the largest crowds in years. Although the crowd was large, there were still numerous students who did not attend. This could be a result of many variables; late advertising, planning, or even personal reasons for individual students not showing up.

“This year’s turn-out was big,” junior Crystal Coate said.  “But I don’t know what they are going to do. Everyone leading [See You at the Pole] is graduating this year.”

The Reality club volunteers its time, and passion toward making the school a better place because it is a great organization for people who need healing and spreading the gospel to others. Reality is a place for students’ needs and a place to feel comfortable and open to the Lord.

See You at the Pole is one of many things the Reality Club sponsors but it is not only a prayer group on an early September morning;  the city of Burleson also hosts an after-school rally for local youth groups to come together and create a louder voice to the Lord.  For the past two years, it has been held at Venue-510.

For more information about Reality, see any club member, Mrs. Fleischer, or Mrs. Thomas.