Reflection, Advice From Graduating Senior

I won’t be calling it the best four years of my life, by any means, however, highlights of high school have their own way of sneaking up on me no matter what part of the last four years I’m reminiscing on.

Theatre class and all the trouble we would get in. Crunching fall leaves on the forbidden (more like, frowned upon) walk to the high school bus stop from the ninth grade bus stop. The loud and friendly political debates in debate class (the ones that weren’t graded). Friends I don’t know anymore. Friends I grew up with. Homecoming parades. And Mums. And games. And going to Friday’s afterwards. The sad feeling when your best friend was absent, but also the feeling when you see them the next day. Mrs. Furtick effortlessly brightening up your day. Planning for college (it will change 20+ times). The first time you get to drive to school in your own car. The feeling of complete pride (and shock) you get when Dr. Nichols gives you an A+ on an essay. The first day of senior year. The excitement of taking graduation photos and getting your cap and gown. Graduation.

Reflecting on my memories throughout high school and deciding what advice I would offer made me feel part nostalgic, part regretful, slightly fearful, but mainly, very eager to move on to the next season of my life and find out what it holds for me.

Some advice for anyone approaching, or still in high school would be to give your best efforts to everything you can because by the time the day is done, you can relax and reflect on all the things you achieved.  Be kind to people because it’s never a bad thing to have good friends. Join one or two activities so you can learn a thing or two while meeting new people and have something to do with your time. Lastly, it might be hard, but try to enjoy the moments of your life that you are currently in. It might be hard to enjoy high school, but being a teenager can be really enjoyable – driving, friends you see on a daily basis, parties, planning for your future, and being young, in general, are all exciting and fun things that you finally are experiencing first hand once you’re in high school. Don’t give up when it’s hard and try to enjoy what you can.

Eventually, everyone not yet graduated will be graduated and move on to a life they are able to make their own.  For the class of 2019, it is so close we can almost touch it. Some gave up way too soon and will not walk the stage with us, some worked ahead and graduated before us, but the bulk of our class with be together as we take a final walk together at our commencement ceremony – commencement: to begin.  We will begin our adult lives, each of us following the path we choose.