Annual Award

Talon Staff Recognized by School Board

The hard work the Talon yearbook staff puts into the production of the yearbook has been formally recognized by Herff Jones, the company that produces the book each year, as of Jan. 29 in the release of the “best-of” publication portfolio. The portfolio broadcasts best-in-class photos, spreads, features and more from yearbooks in both the United States and Canada. Out of thousands of schools, 420 schools were featured. Due to the importance of the award, the Talon staff was recognized by the school board on Feb. 25, 2019.

“It was very exciting to find out that our photos made it,” Editor-In-Chief junior Kelsie Steppick said. “Taking pictures is one of our strong suits and I’m glad the people who see so many could look at ours and be impressed.”

The yearbook works during and after school hours to provide a book full of memories for the students and their parents to buy and be revisited for years to come. Aside from the student body, the staff attempts to curate an aesthetically-pleasing and styled book for competitions in order to receive criticism and even recognition from critics.These critics are industry-experts who are established in the worlds of photography, graphic design, journalism, and more.

“We are thrilled each year to see our students continuously redefine the yearbook landscape, and we are especially honored to showcase their achievement and creativity,” VP of yearbook sales for Herff Jones Kelly Crouch said.

The staff branched out and made a themed book to celebrate the school’s 100th year in existence. The photos in the book were mainly in black-and-white and featured vintage fonts, graphics, and photos taken throughout the century. Celebrating history in art and design in such a clever way caught the attention of students, teachers, and critics.

“No longer scrapbooks of yesterday, our students are tackling social issues and telling stories with impact and meaning,” Crouch said. “The Herff Jones Portfolio recognizes and celebrates this new kind of storytelling.”

However, Herff Jones is not the only group celebrating. The Talon Staff received recognition on behalf of the school board.

“Despite the fact that I couldn’t attend the meeting, it was such a special honor for my students and me,” Yearbook teacher, Kerri Cisneros said. “Nothing felt better than being congratulated for our hard work we put into the book last year. It wasn’t easy, but it totally paid off and I’m very proud of everyone who worked on it.”