Chicken, Waffles Review

Spaniard's First Experience with Southern Cuisine

One day, I was sitting in the cafeteria, at the same table like I normally do every day. Then my friend came and he sat beside me; usually he eats cafeteria food during lunch. On this day, he had some food that I never had seen before. It was some kind of fried meat on top of a cake and he was eating it with syrup. I was confused about what that nasty thing was. I asked my friend and he told me that it was chicken and something weird with syrup.

So, I went to my newspaper class and I told Mrs. Zachry, “Today I saw the nastiest food I have ever seen. In the cafeteria they are selling chicken and pancakes.” She explained to me that it was chicken and waffles, not pancakes, and that it was good in restaurants, but this didn’t change my opinion about it.

After that, I started searching information about this strange dish. I couldn’t believe that  people mix together chicken and the waffles and enjoy it! But then, my classmates told me that It wasn’t that bad and some of them even liked it.

Eventually, I came to the idea it might not be that bad and I even joked about it to Mrs. Zachry as well as the idea that one day I would try it in a real restaurant.

As usual, every three weeks, I looked for ideas to write a new article for the newspaper when a brilliant idea appeared in my mind: the entire newspaper class could go to eat lunch at a restaurant and I could write a review about chicken and waffles. Like the Proverb says: No sooner said, than done!

Almost two weeks later, we were ordering chicken and waffles at The Brunch House in Burleson. When it arrived at the table, WOW, it was a huge plate with a tower of chicken and waffles speared by a knife and served with syrup and gravy.

In my opinion, it was a good meal. It wasn’t anything incredible, but It was something that I would order again. In general, it surpassed my expectations. I give it a 7 out of 10 for the overall score.

In relation of quality/price, at the Brunch House, one order of chicken and waffles is $9.99. This is a standard price for the dish and it provides a lot of food, so I think this a good deal.