Going Extra Mile

Ashlynn McBrayer, Staff Writer

The term “good” can be perceived in many different ways. However, the most popular definition is skilled at doing or dealing with a specific thing. So, many people think, “Oh, then I’m not a good student.” Well, think again.

“In my opinion, a good student is one who does everything to the best of their ability in order to do well,” Spanish teacher Celeste Zachry said. “ They do not necessarily get straight A’s, but they will do whatever it takes.”

Mrs. Zachry is not the only one who thinks this way. However, junior Belle Johnson added to this notion.

“Doing your work ahead of time and not procrastinating,” is what she feels a good student should do.

A good student, as stated by junior Sarah Jerabek, also shows “respect, especially to your classmates and your superiors.”  This will show others that that student is mature and ready to learn.

“A good student follows the rules and does not cause trouble,” junior Jocelyn Vasquez said. “If you do not follow the rules, it makes it a lot harder for everyone else.”

Many people believe this statement to be true, including junior Bryan Perez.

“A good student is someone who follows the rules and does their work,” Perez said. “They are not disruptive and are very good with people.”

When asked about her opinion of what makes a good student, BIM I teacher Deborah Moreno said, “ I would say integrity, good work ethic, and the ability to work with others.”

Being a good student takes a lot of hard work and responsibility. So, if a person has the desire to put in that extra mile, then they can achieve the honor of being called a good student.

Chemistry teacher Aaron King added, “Effort and respectability are what makes a good student.”