“You” Review

Netflix Original Described

“You”: The new Netflix show burning up social media. This addictive show is a classical Hollywood story about a boy meeting a girl and falling in love with her. His way of showing love is a little bit different: he stalks her by stealing her phone, stalking her friends, her house…he is a sociopath and becomes obsessed with her.

In this show we are inside the character, Joe Goldberg’s mind, a bookstore manager. He is a book lover and lives alone in an average New York apartment. One day, Joe was working and saw a wonderful and stunning girl: Guinevere Beck. She is a graduate student and aspiring writer. Joe falls in love with her at first sight. Joe becomes obsessed with her and starts following Beck, looking at her social media at every moment possible and stalking her.

One day, Beck was doing a poetry reading in a nightclub and had several alcoholic drinks. No one was listening to her, so she decided to go home. When she was waiting on the train, she fell on the tracks. “Luckily” for her, Joe, watching her the entire time, saved her life. At this point, Joe started doing bad things to “help” Beck and their future relationship; He stole Beck’s phone to enter her social media, and he kidnapped Beck’s boyfriend and killed him.

Thanks to these choices, Joe and Beck began a romantic relationship. As all partners, they have a few troubles but Joe and Beck fix them and start having the typical love story…

Until one day, Beck found all Joe’s darks secrets in a wooden box. In that box was all Benji’s (her late boyfriend, killed by Joe) personal objects like his hand watch, phone and the worst was a little jar with all of the Benji’s teeth; She found her old phone (Joe used it to stalk Beck’s social media). She found some clues about what happened to Candace (Joe’s ex girlfriend) who mysteriously disappeared a long time ago. She found her own underwear, shirt and her secret diary. When she found out about it, she tried to escape but Joe knew that Beck found his secrets…

This show was released September 9, 2018; The show is located in  New York City, USA. It is classified as Crime, Drama, Romance,Thriller. It is certificate of TV-14.

The second season is confirmed by Netflix officially, but we don’t know the release date.