Landed in the Lone Star State

The high school generally has an abundance of foreign-exchange students roaming the halls and sitting in classrooms.  This year is no different; we have 10 of them from various countries visiting Texas in order to gain a true American experience.  One of these students is Jorge Sánchez González.

Jorge is a junior, foreign-exchange student from Cáceres, Spain. This beautiful city is well known for its ham, jamón ibérico, and its cobbled, medieval architecture.

Jorge likes to spend time with his friends and play tennis on his free time. However, tennis is not the only sport he wants to play.

¨I want to play baseball because we do not have it in Spain,¨ Jorge said. ¨I also want to try American football and cricket because I have never tried them before.”

Jorge, along with sports, is also involved with theater and our very own newspaper team.

“We’re very close,” Sánchez González said when talking about his newspaper class. “There are only five of us which is very nice.”

Back in Spain, Jorge’s schooling is very different than his experience in Joshua.

“My school was a mix between a public and a private school,” Jorge said. “ The students did not move from class to class, our teachers would. It was very boring, and we did not have any fun classes like theater or newspaper. We also have less school hours than here, but the work is much more difficult.”

While there are some things that Jorge prefers over here than in Spain, there are some things he misses from home.

“Probably the things I miss most are my friends, my family, and the food,” Jorge said. “In Spain, there is more home-cooked meals than here.”

Many people believe that foreign-exchange students, like Jorge, come to Texas with their families. However, this is not the case; foreign-exchange students stay with host families.

“I like [my] family,” Sánchez González said. “They are very funny. We travel and go to the (movies).”

Jorge has dreams of many more travels while he is here.

¨I would love to visit the east coast,¨ Jorge said. ¨I would love to visit New York, see a professional football game and professional baseball game, which I am going to on Friday.¨