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Holiday Traditions

Students Share Their Families

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It is the holiday season, which means cold weather, Christmas music, and delicious baked goods. Aside from all that, it also means the time of beautiful family Christmas traditions. Students were asked to share their holiday family traditions:

Abby Fleck, 11

“Every Christmas Eve my Dad reads the Night Before Christmas to us.”

Alex Edwards, 11

“Every year we all pick out a Christmas family ornament.”

Allie Sanders, 11

“Every Christmas Eve my mom gives me one gift to open, they are always my Christmas pajamas, I can’t remember a year I didn’t open them.”

Amelia Furtick, 12

“Every Christmas Eve my Mom and I bake a birthday cake for Jesus and then later in the evening we go to a candlelight service at our church as a family. Then on Christmas morning my Mom cooks a big breakfast and our grandparents come over to visit.”

Andrew Garrett, 11

“Opening one present on Christmas Eve night.”

Bailie Campbell, 11

“Every year for Christmas my whole family goes to my grandparent’s house in Louisiana and we have a big Christmas dinner and then we open gifts and sing Christmas carols.”

Ben Guerrero, 10

“We watch a Christmas movie while we decorate the tree, it’s something we’ve been doing for years.”

Connor Campbell, 11

“We like to gather the family and watch movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bad Santa, and more movies like that. We don’t really celebrate Christmas like other people, we like Halloween themes more, so we combine the two so we can have a fun mix.”

Emily Lynch, 11

“On Christmas morning we bake cinnamon rolls together as a family, after we open gifts.”

Emily Nava, 11

“As a family, we go to the Parade of Lights together and then eat at Mexican Inn.”

Hannah Coffman, 12

“Every year my family and I meet up at my aunt’s house to do secret santa and bob for candy canes.”

Jared Huffman, 11

“We go to my grandparent’s house on Christmas Day and we all eat pancakes and waffles and then we all take turns opening the presents. For our final present from our Grandpa, we go on a big scavenger hunt.”

Kalyn Hill, 11

“Every year my grandpa and I make coconut balls and peanut balls.”

Kara Derrick, 12

“On Christmas Eve we have dinner as a family and watch A Christmas Story and we all get to open one gift which is always pajamas.”

Katelynn Campbell, 11

“My siblings and I get new pajamas from my parents and we read T’was the Night Before Christmas and Jesus’s birth from the bible.”

Kendall Stanley, 11

“We watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve.”

Kenzie Ward, 10

“We play Minute to Win It every Christmas.”

Lane Brooks, 12

“We open one gift on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning we go to church and the eat a really big family dinner at my Grandparent’s house.”

Marissa Jenkins, 12

“One of our family traditions is that every year around Christmas is we bake cookies and make candy as a family. We then divide it up into little tins and give it out to our family and friends.”

Mirka Luevano, 12

“My family and I always get together on Christmas Eve and play games, eat, and spend time with each other, and at midnight we open gifts  and most of them are gag gifts. We all have a great times and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Noah Rycroft, 11

“My family opens one gift on Christmas Eve and it has become a competition to see who can get the best gag gift for someone.”

Olivia Allen, 12

“After we eat and open gifts, the little kids gather to watch movies and the rest of us watch Christmas Vacation and laugh until we cry.”

Payton Limon, 12

“My grandma takes me to see The Nutcracker every year at Bass Hall.”

Peter Emerson, 12

“We like to bake a cake and eat it on Christmas to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.”

Taylor Seargant, 10

“Every year we play White Elephant as a family.”


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