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Scholarships may seem like once in a life opportunities, but there are more options than people think. Most People know that one can just google how to get scholarships and many options will come up; however, some safe internet website choices are Cappex,,

The pros of Cappex are that the website covers a range of topics, provides college statistics, lists student reviews regarding the colleges, it’s easy to use and navigate, and all in a user-friendly platform. The main con is that Cappex requires an extensive profile information to perform matches. Students can look at 3000+ school profiles. Once a profile has been filled out with personal information, one will be matched with appropriate scholarships across the country. By knowing what colleges want, students can be prepared to change their ways if they really want to have a better chance of getting into a particular school. The website also offers a digital calculator; this is helpful when students put some of their personal information in it, it provides them the ability to see their chances of actually getting into the college of their choice so they don’t waste money on an entry fee because entry fees can be as expensive as 75 dollars to just submit an application. 

The pros of are the ability to sort by what is wanted in a college, it’s good at college matching, the site is updated daily, and it has many resources. The negatives of the site are that it uses a lot of small text and applicants may receive marketing emails. Those who are higher education students, this is the site to receive multiple awards and very good scholarships. Within this site there is a choice of signing up for information, but without signing up applicants will be given less information. The website will allow applicants to whittle down a possibility of scholarships. Also, a good thing about this site is that it has a college matchmaker feature. The function allows people to search colleges by tuition levels, school size, major, sports offered, and minimum required SAT and ACT scores. With this, applicants will be able to look at colleges specially looking for students like themselves. The site offers college study tips, and college prep ideas, and inside to campus life. 

The pros of are no-complex applications, fresh user friendly website overall, and contains informative yet fun articles. A con to this site is that applicants have to complete tasks to get a scholarship option. This website is more for the millennial and it contains a function to earn points that gives the applicant the ability to then spend on scholarship money opportunities. Points are earned by playing games, interacting with social media, and by taking surveys. The creators of the site draw for scholarships every day to give students who applied for a certain scholarship to get that money, keeping things moving so applicants don’t have wait a long time to find out if they got the scholarship they were wanting for. also contains articles by college students telling the reader about what college life is like and how to better prepare for it.

Possibilities aiding in getting free scholarships money are voluntary community involvement which gives a good impression about you, increasing the chance of you getting a scholarship. Playing the odds with scholarship websites is also good to do because if there is a chance students don’t have to have student loans which will take forever to pay off, students should take that chance. Being thorough with your profiles on this website will also make life a lot easier giving you a better chance at a scholarship because it can suit you with what you need and no trash. Also when starting to think about colleges remember that one should always maintain a proper image online and off. Clean up all social media, and create a new email just for colleges and scholarships, one that is professional. Do essay scholarships because a lot of people just bypass those and if you do them you are more likely to get it.

If applicants want to get a scholarship for sports one needs to contact the coach first; don’t wait for them to seek out applicants because they have a lot of students to scout. When thinking about scholarships one should first see who else has won that scholarship and see if it is legitimate so there is no time wasted.

When looking for a scholarship ahead of time, the early is better and will be bring far more success. Success will make college less stressful and more fun. 

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