Robotics Team Ready to Shine


Jaden Keith, Staff Writer


This year marks the first year of a Robotics program at school, with many students participating and placing at their first competition which makes for students who are ready and excited to win again.

“Robotics shouldn’t stop in high school,” Chemistry/Engineering teacher and Robotics sponsor Mr. King said. “If anything, it should be encouraged more.”

Mr. King did robotics back in his hometown and while student teaching, so he became involved with the ROTC Sea Perch program last year when he first started teaching here. Eventually, King was put in charge of the Sea Perch program; subsequently he became interested in the idea of having another similar program for the rest of the student body. After investigating, Mr. King learned surprising news.

“When I found out we had a robotics program in the middle school and elementary schools but not in the high school I was very concerned,” King said.

This observation lead King to look into robotics programs that could be used at school for students. After asking many different Robotics teachers and coaches around the area, he eventually connected with a woman who set him up with the program used now.

“I saw there was a need for robotics in the high school so I made the opportunity for it to happen,” King said.

The Robotics team built a robot able to throw a golf ball. At the first Robotics meet on Oct. 14, their robot placed 13 out of 50 at Prosper High School’s Coco Best Competition.

“I think we have the potential to do well,” King said. “The students are the driving force; I can help but ultimately it is all on them. I think state is definitely in their future.”

The program consists of many different types of students who each bring a variety of ideas to the table which is helpful during the creative process of building a robot and makes for a colorful and fun atmosphere.

“We have lots of different personalities in this group, but that brings about great innovations and ideas and so much perspective,” King said. “Robotics is just a multitude of personalities.”

As most know, it is nearly impossible to have a successful program or club if the members cannot get along and learn to have fun. Luckily, the Robotics team members know just how to have fun.

“My favorite memory is that after a competition we went to a local restaurant and pigged out on burgers, which is the dynamic of our team; we can be serious and hard-workers but also know how to be silly and have fun.” King said. “I love this team and can’t wait to make more memories with them.”