US Navy Fleet Week

Historically speaking, Fleet Week is when the deployed ships dock and sailors are able to visit the tourist attractions. In addition, some ships will allow civilians to take tours of the ship during designated times.

This is the 29th year of Fleet Week and students have been honored by a multitude of different of special demonstrations given at school compliments of the United States Navy.  The festivities began Monday, Oct. 23 with the Navy SEALs parachute team jumping into Owl Stadium proudly displaying an American flag and a Joshua Owl flag.

Wednesday, Oct. 25 students had the pleasure of a great presentation from Rear Admiral McCormick-Boyle, Commander, Navy Medicine Educations and Training Command.

The Admiral was followed by the Sailors of the USS Constitution (“Old Iron Sides”), who dressed in period uniforms and gave a history class.

Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians gave a class and showed the audience some of the latest technology in use, to include various robots.

The event ended with a performance by the Navy Ceremonial Guard… and our own Drill Team.  It was close competition.  Then came freestyle… which was not close.  Ask any student who they thought was better.