RTI Comeback

Response to Intervention, our new PGP, is being welcomed. Students can now get help on their homework, make up tests, participate in activities, and reflect on the day.

“This is helpful,” senior Olivia Allen said. “I can actually get help on my calculus homework.”

However, some teachers have different viewpoints on RTI time. Mr. Grant teaches class, then his students go to RTI time. Yet, Mr. Massey begins RTI time, then he teaches the class. Some teachers don’t even have a RTI time and continue teaching.

“Comme ci, comme ca,” (meaning so-so) chemistry teacher Mr. Massey said about RTI.

Some teachers have even taken on extra responsibilities during this time period. That may sound like more work but not to everyone.

“I see this as an opportunity to share my abilities with more students,” English and Spanish teacher Mrs. Zachry said. “Two days a week I tutor sophomores during RTI to hopefully help improve their writing.  I am the perfect fit for this and I’m sure my seniors love the chance to get out of my room a couple days a week during RTI.”

RTI is a good place to get help on your homework, and it is a good place to get some sleep. Teens need this time because they work so hard during the day and at school. It is hard to get homework done because of all the after school activities students participate in. However, some students do not like RTI.

“RTI just makes class longer,” senior Payton Limon said.

The use of this homeroom really has altered student life, for the good or the worse. RTI now takes place everyday following seventh period.