We Got Spirit

To kick off the football season, students at the main campus were treated to an 80s themed pep rally on Aug. 25. Sophomores enjoyed their first pep rally at the main campus, and the seniors enjoyed their very last first pep rally of the season. The next pep rally is Sep. 29.

“I enjoyed the feeling of comradery between all the seniors,” Senior John Van Meter said. “I think it was a really good way to start the year and the season.

For some students, pep rallies serve as a welcome back. For others, it marks either the beginning to their high school career, or the end.

“I feel excited to know that this is my ‘last-first pep rally,’” Senior Nick King said. “I hope that the other kids can feel the same once they are seniors.”

Many students are excited for the next pep rally for many different reasons. Some are eager to see the cheerleaders’ routine or what songs the band performs.

“My favorite part about pep rallies is when they call for the people representing the teams to come and share their reports about their sport/activity,” Junior Aislyn Sutherland said. “I like hearing about that.”

Pep rallies help the students come together to support one another and reestablish that feeling of pride that one has in their high school.

 “When the people from the sport/activity go and talk about their sport/activity, the crowd shows a little support by cheering, clapping, and yelling,” Sutherland said. “I think that that helps boost team spirit a lot.”