Mums for Hurricane Harvey

Due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey from Aug. 25 to Sept. 2 many organizations are holding fundraisers to help the families affected by this natural disaster. The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is estimated to be at $180 billion. Many businesses, schools, churches, and other infrastructures were directly damaged and destroyed by floods up to 51 inches and wind speeds up to 130 mph in some parts of Texas. People who evacuated are finally returning to the areas where their homes were only to find nothing.

The American Red Cross is taking donations as well as there are many personal GOFUNDME accounts. Our community was directly affected by this disaster. We encourage everyone to donate what they can and do their part in order to help thousands of families rebuild their homes, as well as their lives. One idea spreading through the state of Texas is to donate what one would typically spend on an extravagant homecoming mum or garter. Mums typically cost an upward amount of $95.00, if even half the people would donate their money to help a family in need, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey would be greatly impacted in a positive way. Help out the community and donate today.