Reflection on Joshua

Senior Says Goodbye to JHS

Thinking back to last April, when I first moved to the glorious small town of Joshua, I recall not clinging on to any expectation for what my experience in an unfamiliar place would be like. My only goal was to simply observe the differences in my new surroundings and compare them to my former 6A high school, including every detail from the general attitude of the students to what they were wearing, how strict or lenient the administrators were, what the school looked like, how people treated each other.

Now that I’m walking past the white prison-like hallways and fluorescent lights for the last time, being a senior, I leave with one final judgement; the people of Joshua truly care.

Whether it be for a lost classmate, a homework assignment, a wreck on Wilshire, a fellow student’s day, or even the dress code, Joshua must be home to some of the most caring people I have ever witnessed. Those who reside here have an admirable way of upholding their values and never breaking personal moral codes, which is something quite rare to find these days.

Of course it’s not perfect, just like any other school function, but it’s amazing to see how united a school can be with their values and ethics. An outstanding memory that stands out to me especially was the time when everyone gathered together around the flagpole to honor and pray for the death of Aaron Singleton, regardless of the many different belief systems students have.

Students here are also made to feel like they are greatly appreciated for their efforts by the administrators, who actively praise and encourage them when they accomplish great things. An occurrence of when that happened includes Mr. Cochran taking students who participated in UIL academics to a celebratory lunch for their district win completely free of charge to the students. That, to me, shows a great amount of respect between administrator/teacher and students, which is one of, if not, the most important factors of a healthy functioning school.

Overall, Joshua is unlike any school I have known before because of the friendly smiling faces you see walking down the hall, to the dedication these people have to their shining reputation. I will surely miss the caring people all around me once I’m gone.