Things To Do This Summer

  1. Get a job
  • You can visit and put in a location or ask a fellow working peer to help you find the right summer job for you, restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and more are great summer job ideas for teens.
  1. Volunteer
  1. Take a class at Hill County College
  • Apply and see if you’re eligible to take a class or two during the summer at

    4. Take a fun art class

  • Art Barn offers multiple different art classes, check them out at
  1. Go hiking
  • Walking is free and you can do it literally anywhere, but for those seeking more excitement try Cleburne State Park for a hike or mountain bike ride.
  1. Try out photography
  •     It can get pretty expensive but if you have a phone or camera already get some friends and         take some pics
  1. Picnic
  •    When the weather is great get some snacks and drinks and head over to the Joshua park for a picnic.
  1. Play Sports
  •    Pick up a frisbee or basketball or volleyball and your best friend and enjoy some sport time in the sun.
  1. Library :  Check out a few books or volunteer
  • More information at
  1. Learn to juggle, do origami, or another nifty trick on an online tutorial
  • has you covered when it comes to learning any random, fun, or unusual skill.
  1. Twisted key escape room
  • For a little bit of excitement to a normal summer day get lost in Twisted Key escape room. Book your tickets online at
  1. Burleson antique mall
  • Open from 10 AM to 6 PM visit the Burleson Antique Mall and stroll around to find all the vintage charms and oddities. Visit for more information
  1. Go see a baseball game
  1. Swim at the brick or get a workout on at the YMCA