Row That Boat

Takes All to Get Victory

This past season has proven to be both fruitful and successful for women’s soccer. They have reeled in multiple wins and continue to amaze each game. Since the beginning of the season, the girls have put in the work on the field and off and have seen some great results.

They continue to make big wins and keep their season rolling. JV and Varsity Lady Owls soccer players will have their last home game celebrating Senior Night on Friday, Mar. 10. JV starts at 6:00 and Varsity plays after at 8:00.

“This season has been great because the Lady Owls have been working together more than as a team but as a family,” junior and Varsity soccer player Marisol Rios said.

Several of the girls share a sense of comradery akin to a family. Whenever one of the members is feeling down, others will step up to make them feel better and encourage them to strive for excellence.

“When I see one of my teammates down, I try to go help them and figure out a way to make them happy,” sophomore and Varsity soccer player Tatum Sutherland said. “I hate to see people down.”

Come rain or come shine, all of the soccer girls’ performance has been awesome. They keep on rowing that boat and striving for the best on the field and in the classroom. This saying reflects the mantra adopted early in the season. Coach Brooks shared the story of Western Michigan’s Football success story with the team. It takes everyone on the team to Row That Boat to victory.

“These wins definitely reflect all the hard work we’ve done because the games are a challenge,” junior and JV soccer player Brooke Smith said. “We stick together and never give up.”

All of the girls have created memories that will last a lifetime and they hope to create many more throughout their season.

“[Some of my memories are] playing in our tournament in a driving rainstorm, a great performance at home against Cleburne, and generally trying to row that boat,” soccer Coach Jeff Brooks said.

As the Lady Owls continue on with their season, they are hoping to end with a bang.

“The significance of our wins this season definitely shows how hard we work and  how well we work together as a team,” Smith said. “Each game has made us closer as a family and made us stronger as players.”