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Students with Passion for Fashion

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For some people, it’s merely a style of dress and a word which means something frivolous, unimportant or uninteresting, but for others it is a passion, a lifestyle, and a way to express themselves.

“Fashion puts a smile on my face,” Mallori Evans, sophomore and Fashion Club Vice President, said. “It makes me very happy.”

Evans’ feelings toward fashion is evident in her every day apparel. Evans is well-known for her stylish and coordinated outfits. Most people would also assume she spends a lot of money to get her fashionable looks, but a large amount of her wardrobe comes from second hand stores. 

“I love thrift stores,” Evans said. “You don’t have a lot of money to look good and feel good.”

Clothes that fit in a style a student desires does not always come from expected places, like brand name lines or specific stores.

“Fashion is important to me because I’m shy, but I use clothes to step out of my comfort zone and it helps me come out of my shell,” Evans said. 

Clothing can serve as a way of self-expression and outlet for creativity, allowing the student to show off their interests and emotions. However, some students feel uncomfortable wearing clothes they love in fear of judgement from their peers.

“Don’t think about what other people are wearing,” senior Jaye Freyer said when asked what advice she would give to students who are hesitant to wear what they want. “Style is more important than beauty or looks. It’s about wearing things that reflect your true self, finding items you’re comfortable in, and not being afraid of your authenticity.”

Bottom line, fashion for many does not revolve around fitting in with a specific aesthetic or buying a certain brand of clothes. Fashion can be an extension of a student’s personality.

“Let fashion be a creative outlet,” Freyer said. “Fashion is a reflection of you, not the newest pair of shoes or the latest trend.”


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Students with Passion for Fashion