All For One, One For All

Volunteering Benefits Everyone

As the semester draws to a close, many students find themselves with a great deal of free time on their hands. Exams are over, Christmas is just around the corner, and many people in Johnson County are in need of food or gifts.

Many organizations in school and the community hold service events for local citizens and charities. Food drives and toy runs need students who would like to devote their time to benefit others, or who would like to earn community service points for NHS or STuCO. From canned food to dog toys, teachers and various organizations across campus are allowing students to donate goods as well as participate in outside-school events.

There are some people who see the need for community service as a little overbearing, but it is essential to being a good person. Giving back to the community makes a person more self-aware about their fellow students and citizens, while simultaneously able to receive needed points for various organizations to which they belong. Being part of an organization that requires community service points allows students to acquire skills which will help them into adulthood. Gaining points looks great on college applications, and some job offerings favor students with volunteer experience

Some ways to earn points are to check with organizations at school that offer volunteering opportunities. Churches within Joshua usually keep people updated by posting information about services on their websites. FUMC Josha offers opportunities to help stuff backpacks with food for students in JISD on Wednesday evenings. By checking on the Internet, anyone can see if local nursing homes or even animal shelters allowing people to come participate in helpful events.

Joining organizations that allow students to engage in community service events allows a person to see how much good they can really do for someone else. If people sit around and wait for a chance to serve, then they will never experience the benefits of helping others. Go out and explore the community, take part in charities, donate food to shelters, buy toys for children whose family cannot afford Christmas gifts, and just be part of the town. This experience helps a person realize who they really are and how they function within a community.