On Road To Success

Junior Receives Excellence Award

On Road To Success

Emily Owen

Junior Tyler Roye received probably one of the most important awards of his pre-college life on Oct. 17. He was the only recipient of the Excellence award from the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists. All of his hard work is  reflected in this award, and he is more than ecstatic to have it.

“I’m the only one from this school that got invited,” Roye said. “I think that it shows that even though I’m not [at] the top of my class, my dedication and hard work is far greater than many other people.”

He is very passionate about his work and loves what he does. This award marks things he cares about that are not just here and now, but also what he plans to carry with him in the future.

“I love technology and engineering; I want to major in it when I go to college,” Roye said. “I want to do that one day.”

Roye is the average high school student, but his strong will to succeed and do well sets him apart from the crowd. He holds his hopes and dreams high and does whatever he can to pursue them. Roye is rising from the depths to help the future generation experience a better place. He is striving to make his dreams  become a reality.

“Biochemical engineering kind of [goes] down two paths,” Roye said. “Since it’s part of chemical engineering, we engineer chemicals to help the world fight diseases. We try to help create cures to the most deadly diseases.”

It is said that hard work pays off, and Roye is hoping that his hard work will pay off in the near future in order to fulfill his aspirations. He serves as an excellent role model for younger students and fellow comrades. Roye will continue to work his skills to attain his goals so that one day he can make a big difference.