Challenging Joshua’s Norms

Junior male participates in Color Guard

Tanner Martin began participating in Color Guard his sophomore year at his former school in Duncan, Oklahoma, because a friend encouraged him to. He figured he would try it out. This year, he moved to Joshua and joined the school’s Color Guard team.

Here, there are multiple things that assist Martin get noticed on the team: his stature, he is 6’5” tall so he stands out of the crowd. His abilities, he is a beneficial member of the team; they competed last Saturday at the Don Hannah Memorial Marching Band Contest where they placed 10th in prelims and 10th at finals. And lastly, his gender. This marching season, Martin is the only male on the Color Guard team, which some may feel challenges the norms at Joshua.

“It’s definitely different, but, I’m hoping that I can inspire other guys who want to do Guard, to do it,” Martin said.

Martin is constantly inspired by his team-mates

“[We] are like a family [that] takes care of each other,” Martin said. “[We don’t always get along], but we always have each other’s back. Guard is just – really fun to be a part of.”

His team-mates are one thing that prompts him to continue the sport. Along with his director and role model, Mr. Duke.

“[Mr. Duke] is really good at [teaching], and he’s just really fun; he’s great,” Martin said.

Martin’s success comes from his hard-work, talent, the help of his team and director, and lastly from the support of his family and friends.

“Everyone’s really supportive of [me],” Martin said. “Everyone thinks what I do is great.”