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Cheer Team Completes Season with Charitable Win

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Often times, the tremendous effort, planning, and difficult practices go unnoticed to audiences of our school’s cheer team. These young ladies and gentlemen train themselves mentally and physically each day with every daring stunt, nerve-racking flip, and perfect formation. However, after travelling to San Antonio for their last competition, all of their hard work paid off when the team won in their division. They were awarded a team banner, jackets, rings and $1,000 to a non-profit of their choice, which they donated to the Brandon Ballew Memorial Fund.

“It felt [like a great] achievement to help a family like the Ballews instead of ourselves,” sophomore Libby Evans said. “Coach Ballew was a great football coach, an excellent math teacher, and was loved by all.”

Their competition excelled beyond average standards when Head Cheerleader Kaleigh Moss won a “WOW” award, meaning her performance amazed the judges.

“[This award] was a complete shock,” Moss said. “It makes me feel like they noticed my hard work.”

As teenagers develop into adults, life can become hectic and stressful. Extracurricular activities serve as a reliever for the frustrations that come along with obstacles in life. It is beneficial for any individual to find a passion for a certain hobby and discover his or her talents.

“Everyone has something different they can do,” Moss said, “And when we combine all of our skills, we make a strong team.”

Although the team makes their performances seem easy, they undergo many challenges. The tumbling aspect of this sport is very much a mental strength. Tumblers have to work their minds up to believing they can achieve their next move, whether it be a back-flip, layout, or arial. Without the self-confidence and desire to land these moves, it’s almost impossible. This sport also requires trust in other teammates. During stunts, a cheerleader cannot fear falling. She has to trust her teammates will catch her after throwing her three feet in the air. Even though they have mats underneath them, injuries are always a significant risk.

“Not many students appreciate what JHS Cheer does for [the school],” Moss said.

While some team members were anxious, some felt confident they were prepared for this next step in the team’s journey. Evans said Coach Karla Paul had them worn out every day at practice from running, tumbling, and jumping all in one hour, so after the repetitive practices, performing once at a competition was easy.

“I could not be prouder of this group of young people,” Paul said. “They are classy, respectful, intelligent, and responsible.”

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Cheer Team Completes Season with Charitable Win