Love is in the Air

As the month of love is coming to an end, these teacher couples continue to celebrate their admiration for each other inside and outside of school.


Cameron and Trent Fox, high school sweethearts, met in middle school and started dating while playing on the drumline together in high school. Their favorite memory from their wedding day was the delivery of their groom’s cake. It was a life-size cake in the shape of a  Yamaha marching snare drum. It not only represented Mr. Fox’s passion for music and percussion, but it also symbolized what brought them together. We are both graduates of Joshua High School!

“This school is dear to our hearts and we share a lot of memories here. After 13 years together, we are back where it all started and we wouldn’t have it any other way,”

— Cameron Fox

Cameron Fox said.

McDaniel Wedding

Lawanna McDaniel was introduced to Mike McDaniel by her ex-husband, who was a good friend of Mr. McDaniel.  Mr. McDaniel subsequently introduced him to the woman he eventually married.  Both couples have been married 37 years, and all remain friends. Both of their families were able to attend their wedding, despite it being December in Wyoming. They enjoy working together most because they have the same schedules, and understand each other when they talk about their experiences each day. “A good wife is priceless,” Mike McDaniel said.


Mike and Angela Nichols met in Armenia at the college where she taught. It was her birthday party in the faculty room, and her best friend introduced them. They had three wedding ceremonies, but the best one was from the church wedding they had in Yerevan. It was an old church, with Gothic windows and arches and the light streaming through the windows made it feel divine. It was awe inspiring. Angela says the best part about working together is they collaborate and share ideas. “We are a good team,” Angela said.


Last but not least, are Leah and Gary Wright, who married three years after meeting at the old Loflin Middle school, where Leah was substituting. Gary says the best part of the wedding was marrying the girl of his dreams. Although they work at the same place, they really do not see each other much during the day.  They are both busy with their classes and sports, so rarely get time together.  However, the main perks are that they are on the same school calendar/schedule, and they occasionally get to grab a quick lunch together. “We have now been in the district for over 20 years, so this is definitely home to us,” Leah said.