Dangerous Evolution of Electronics

Nicole Garrow, Staff Writer

From leggings to high-waisted pants, blue eye shadow to winged eyeliner, trends evolve from generation to generation. But one of the fastest moving trends in today’s age is not as safe and healthy as young adults might convey them to be. Electronic Cigarettes are one of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in today’s age.

E- Cigarettes were created as a tool for people to stop smoking, but it did the opposite. The exotic flavors, and clever cartoon adds attracted not only older adults, but the young crowd as well. In the years of 2011 and 2012 the usage of E- Cigarettes doubled. In 2014 over 4.6 million young adults took part in the smoking community. Smoking at a young age is not only harmful for the lungs, but for brain development as well. The pre-liquid used for the E- Cigarettes comes from the chemical Propylene Glycol which eventually turns into formaldehyde. This chemical reaction with the aerosolizer creates industrial Biocides, a substance used to destroy, or have a controlling effect, on any living organism.

Some people could make the argument that E-Cigarettes will help them quit smoking, claiming the nicotine in the E- Cigarettes is in the form of vapor so it will not have the same consequences as regular smoking. However, nicotine is nicotine, in one way, shape, or form. Taking in this harmful drug endangers the lives of millions worldwide. Researchers should not give up on this important and life threatening issue. People have the right to control who they are, and drugs interfere with that vision. There is no sugar-coating neither death nor cancer. The more awareness there is brought to smoking and vaping, the more lives will be saved.