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November 14, 2014

Often times, something really big goes around the school with little praise. The yearbook has students’ unforgettable memories, it is filled with smiles, and it is something students will cherish for a lifetime. The yearbook is something all enjoy, but rarely think of the process by which it is made. The people behind the yearbook, also known as the YERDS, put their heart and pour all of their creativity into the yearbook. Students still, do not have an idea as to what these YERDS do.

“I feel a great amount of success,” senior editor Peyton Morales said. “I create everything from scratch, so when it is published, that’s my book. I worked hard on it and it’s mine.”

As a student, one probably only sees the YERDS taking pictures around school or asking if anyone  would like to buy a yearbook; but there is much more to it.

“[What] stresses me out [is] the financial side – making sure we sell enough books and ads to pay the bill; dealing with angry parents because their child’s name was misspelled,” Yearbook Adviser Mrs. Rafael said. “The stress for the yearbook kids is making deadlines; having to make changes on the spreads repeatedly until they get it right; dealing with rude people when they are trying to sell books; trying to make sure they represent as many different people in the student body as possible.”

Students are selected by Mrs. Rafael and they are given a certain task to fulfill. Once given a task, the YERDS go straight to work.

“Deadlines, deadline, deadlines,” Morales quotes the famous words of Mrs. Rafael. “I hear that one word all of the time.”

While the staffers set about the work of building a book which represents a year in the life of a school, there is a great deal people just do not understand about this process unless they have been behind the scenes themselves.

“People don’t understand that in the end, this is a student publication; try as we might to be perfect and catch every typo, blurry picture, or mistake – we just can’t,” Rafael said. “My staffers put themselves on the line artistically, creatively, and emotionally when they make a yearbook. Their hearts and souls really do go into the book and some people can be very harsh in their criticism.”

Harsh criticism is something one encounters daily whether it be at school, home, or in a store. To receive harsh criticism for something one has created from scratch and worked diligently on would really hurt. The yearbook is a tool for students to look back on and travel back in time, reliving their high school days via photos and memories; it is not something to bash and point out every little flaw.

“I will miss Raf the most when I graduate and yearbook is over,” senior staffer Abby Palmer said. “She is the best and always makes my day better.”

Echoing words and memories of their adviser may forever ring in the ears of the YERDS, but the finished product is what all high school students cannot wait to get their hands on at the end of the school year. No matter what they may say aloud, everyone wants one to keep forever.

“[I] Love the watching the creative process and ideas come together,” Rafael said. “[I] Love even more when the books come in and the kids are so proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished.”



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