Bikes For Angels

Students To Collect Donations For Happier Christmas

Bikes For Angels

Children love Christmas time. Just about everyone considers it their favorite time of year. However, if they did not expect to receive any gifts for Christmas, they probably would feel differently.  Children all over Johnson County do not expect much, in the form of presents, for this holiday season. However, Joshua High School is teaming up with Bikes for Angels to give them a Christmas to remember.

Bikes for Angels is a charity organization that collects donations to purchase new bikes for less fortunate children. The program was founded in 2007 by Rick Curlee, an automotive teacher in Mansfield ISD, now retired. From 2007 to date, Bikes for Angels has raised more than $125,000 to purchase more than 3,000 bicycles.

Curlee’s granddaughter, junior Kaylen Evans, wanted to help bring this program to Joshua. With the help of Mr. Cochran, the JHS Bike’s For Angels kicked off at the senior pep rally and was a great success.

“I saw this as a great opportunity for our kids to help give back to the less fortunate,” Cochran said. “Our goal is to raise at least $1000.”

To help raise this money Cochran, as well as few students, have created a homeroom competition to help get students on board. The incentive for donations is not only for the great cause but the organization and hallway that raises the most money will get a week off from homeroom as well as a pizza party.

As this great cause gets underway throughout the campus, please donate any and all you can. If you have any questions, ask Mr. Cochran or Kaylen Evans.