One Cheery Family

Cheerleaders Are Real Athletes

One Cheery Family

Nicole Wester, Staff Writer

IMG_0637IMG_0643As they’re flying through the air, the lights shining down on them, they’re creating an atmosphere of pep and hope for the crowd looking on. Without the motivational cheerleaders, football would not be complete.

To these girls, it’s more than yelling for a touchdown. It’s an everyday part of their lives.

“Cheerleading has [taught] me the value of teamwork and learning to put all your effort into accomplishing one goal,” senior Taylor Fiedler said.

Cheerleading teaches skills that are needed to face the real world such as leadership, character, and self-esteem.

“You start to get out of your comfort zone and notice that being outgoing isn’t so bad,” senior Neely Rumfield said.

The coaches play a key role in shaping the team, mentally and physically. From organizing practices, teaching routines, and building a strong relationship with the girls, they ensure the team will succeed on and off the field.

“My favorite moments are when I hear how well a cheerleader does in life after JHS,” Varsity Coach Karla Paul said.

With the team’s game faces, their obstacles often aren’t seen.

“The biggest obstacle cheerleaders face is that people don’t think cheer is easy and that we aren’t athletes,” Fiedler said. “They don’t realize that we spend just as much time, if not more, in the gym as any other sport learning how to stunt and tumble.”

When asked who contributes most to the team, most of the cheerleaders agree that an equal effort must be made by each teammate. They must always encourage each other and be willing to straighten out any conflicts.

“Yes, we have our differences and argue on occasion,” Fiedler said, “but at the end of the day we always have each others’ backs.”