Big Man on Campus


Parrish gets set to fly with the varsity cheerleaders.

Mrs. Zachry, Adviser

Frequently there are students who stand out in the student body at JHS, but not many compare to Austin Parrish.  He is the Captain of the NJORTC Sporter Rifle Team, Captain of the UIL Current Events Team, President of National Honor Society, Secretary of Student Council, a member of Blue Crew, recently named Commanding Officer of NJROTC for next year and all while completing his pilot’s license.

Parrish is fully aware he has a great deal on his metaphorical plate for his senior year of high school and is paving the way for success.

“I’m not going to be in band next year,” Parrish said. “There just isn’t time with all I have going on.”

Some students might balk at all this young man has lined up for his last year of high school, but Parrish has a great plan for making sure all things work out in his favor next year.

“I plan to be very organized,” Parrish said. “I also have an officer staff that will help me with things.  The role of the CO is delegating to the officer staff so I will delegate, delegate, delegate.”

Parrish has big plans for his future and there are others who see greatness in him as well. His post high school dream is to secure a position at the Naval Academy; if that does not happen for him, he will set his sights on Texas A&M.

“The Colonel looks for a Commanding Officer who is planning for a future,” Parrish said.  “Someone who is able to see the big picture.”

It seems as though this young man has the ability to see it all and is setting himself up for greatness.