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Who Are These Guys?

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One might ask who these dangerous-looking, armed crusaders are. As seen in this photo, they seem almost evil, hiding behind facades of peril and protective optical gear. However, upon further inspection, the truth becomes quite clear: they are super sophomores Logan Rice (front), Tristan Brown (back left to right), Levi Marriott, Luke Purcell, Blake McKenzie, and Noah Smith.

These menacing man-boys are a fun gang comprised of Ag officers, basketball players and track stars.  One could not ask for a more jovial, well-rounded group of buddies to be found around the hallways of the high school.  They are an excellent representation of Joshua and have been making us proud in a variety of arenas this year.  Be on the lookout for them as they continue to flourish and grow, doing more amazing things on this campus over the next two years.

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