No Man’s Land

RTI Misses its Mark

No Man's Land

RTI is a time where students can ask teachers for help on various assignments. However, until last year, no one can travel the hallways except under niche circumstances. This rule, without compromise, was enacted to deter misbehaving students from causing trouble outside of the classroom.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned restriction does not benefit the good-natured students at all: They simply cannot receive extra tutoring to boost their education or GPA; they are just sitting in classroom amidst a 29-minute time frame and usually accomplishing nothing. They can only hope to gain assistance from their necessary instructors during the morning or after school, if time allows it.

Granted, bad behavior is mostly thwarted, but troublemakers do not care about finishing homework; they will just twiddle their thumbs until they can cause mayhem somewhere else. Besides, many students gather in the restrooms and roam the halls regardless of the crackdown. Therefore,  it generally cripples good students and does nothing to the bad ones.

Before we take drastic measures, we should retrospect on the current punishment system and tweak it to insure the student body will abide by the rules of the district.