Success – Result of Hard Work

Lady Owls Make it to Round Three of Play Offs


Dim lights reflecting on the shiny wooden gym floor, whistles blaring, sore arms and legs, and sweat beginning to form on brows. This is what the girls volleyball team experienced for the past three months. This school year they made it to the third round of playoffs, coached by Jordan Whitworth who is in her first year coaching at Joshua. Their success has brought  a great deal of attention from teachers and other students.

“Making it to the round three is no joke,” Coach Whitworth said. “It was not easy for the girls. It took a lot of heart, pride and sacrifice. There were tears along the way, times when people wanted to give up, and times where the girls were not sure what they wanted anymore.”

People always want to do a good job at whatever they are doing.  This is true no matter what one’s position is; it is especially true when competition is involved.

“It is an amazing feeling to be as successful as we were as a first year head coach,” Whitworth said. “I had no doubt that these girls were able to accomplish as much as they did.”

Even though the season recently ended, Whitworth said the team is already working hard in the off-season to prepare for next year.

“The girls were amazed with their effort,” she said. “I had told them all year how much they could accomplish. They were excited to end their 2018 season on such a high note.”

Eight seniors will be graduating and that will have a huge effect on how the team will operate next year.

“They’re a huge part of the team, but we have some great lower class-men who will be working hard in the off-season, [and] who will be able to step in for the senior roles next season,” Whitworth said.

Some might not know Whitworth was raised in Joshua and attended JHS where she trained as a powerful volleyball player.

“It’s like I never left,” Whitworth said. “Joshua is like family to me and everyone is so inviting. I love the coaches, and the spirit in Joshua has only gotten better.”

Having been raised in Joshua, Whitworth attempts to bring the best out of the team to make herself and Joshua students proud of the volleyball team.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to come back and reshape a program that I was once a part of,” Whitworth said. “We have a long way to go until we get to our highest potential, but I know we have incredible athletes that can get us there.”

The Lady Owls made it to an incredible goal this year that had not been achieved in a very long time, but they are not stopping there.  There are many more obstacles still to overcome.

“We had the right parts to be successful, but I was not sure how long it would take to mesh all the parts together and play as a team,” Whitworth said. “Our goal was to make play-offs; we reached that goal.  Every time we played, we kept our goal in mind and played like it was our last match. Our new goal is bi-district champs, then area champs, and so on.”