Robotic Sanctuary

Ashlyn McBrayer, Staff Writer

The Joshua Robotics Team is often misconceived as a club only for people who are in engineering, but most of the robotics students are not.The people in robotics are all unique in their own special ways.

“Robotics is a place where outcasts can feel like they belong,” senior Connor Cambell said. “Anyone can be apart of it as long as they are willing to work.”

Since the robotics team was established in Fall of 2017, it has become a sanctuary for many people with diverse personalities and skills.

“Anybody can join Robotics,” sponsor Mr.King said, “The only requirements are that you have passing grades and that you find a place to help out.”

Often times the robotics team is thought to be all work and no play, but in reality, the people in robotics find a way to have fun while getting things done.

“Yes, we do build robots and enter competitions, but it’s more than that,” King said. “Robotics is about having fun.”

Every year the robotics team enters two competitions, one in the fall and one in the spring. This year, the team entered the 2018 Best Robotics Competition and won the Rookie of the Year award.

“I think the competition went great, even though we didn’t win,” Cambell said.

The competition challenged teams to build a robot that could simulate what it would be like to clean up a polluted ocean, ride along currents, and rescue endangered animals.

“We had a better product this year than the one from last year,” King said. “Overall we did leaps and bounds better at this year’s competition.”

Robotics has grown over the past year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to sign up.

“Students can sign up anytime as long as they show dedication to it,” King said.

Robotics is a great program that teaches life skills through hands-on activities.

“The best thing about robotics is that it teaches you how to work with other people,” Cambell said.