New Taste Of Texas

Exchange Students Settle In

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Texas, the lone star state, is the second largest in the USA, home of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, and where football is a religion.

I am Jorge; I am an exchange student from Spain and as a lot of exchange students from all the world, I am here to learn and live the American culture for one school year.

Before coming here I thought that Texas is a rural state with a lot of cows, horses and all kinds of domestic animals. I also imagined that Texas would be like any other normal place in the world, but when I arrived, I was completely surprised with the reality of Texas. This is where you can regularly see sheriffs actually patrol the city, similar to those of famous western films. You can see flags and posters with the symbol of the school district everywhere you go.

I had my own ideas of Texas and so did other exchange students.

“I stereotyped cowboys and everyone riding horses,” Salome Akhalaia of Georgia said.

Akhalaia isn’t the only person who thought Texas was full of cowboys.

“I thought Texas was a state with people who dressed up in cowboys outfits,” David González Caraballo, also from Spain, said.

In Spain the food is very different from Texas. There we are more accustomed to homemade food and we use olive oil to cook everything. Here, typical eating is fast food or cooking with butter. In Europe, in general, there are only a few fast food companies because is not so common to eat fast food. My favorite food here is Mexican food because is much more authentic than Mexican food I have had in Spain.  I also love American hamburgers; here, the hamburgers are huge and they are very good.

The other exchange students have had interesting eating experiences as well.

“My favorite foods I have eaten in Texas are the tacos and the pizza,” Sarah Astie from France said.

It seems as though ethnic foods have been a hit among everyone.

“Mexican food is my favorite so far,” Minja Todorovic of Serbia said.

The worst thing about being here is that I miss a lot of things from Spain. The things I miss the most are my family, my friends and the Spanish food. If could take something home from Texas it would be my host family and new friends.

When asked the same questions, other exchange students had similar feelings.

“The thing that I most miss from home is my family for sure; my family means a lot,” Jonathan Nielson of Denmark said.

Similar to myself, others wish they could take the same souvenirs back home.

”If I could take one thing from Texas it would be the kind hearts of Texas,” Akhalaia said.

I love to travel, and one of my dreams since I was a child was come to the USA and visit the entire East Coast, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta and Boston. At the same time, I want to see the entire state of Texas and visit all 50 of the States.

As for me, others exchange student want to visit others place of the USA.

“I want to go to California,“ Emma Liesse from Belgium said.

The most fun experience for me, since I have been in Texas, was definitely Homecoming week because it was my first. We don’t have Homecoming, pep rallies or prom in Spain. It was also a lot of fun when I went to a baseball game of the Texas Rangers versus the Seattle Mariners; although, near the end of the game it started to rain.

Other exchange students also enjoy their school activities while living in Texas.

“The most fun experience here is [being a member of] the Sweethearts,” Hye Cho of Korea said.

“I like it so much because Mrs.B[arnett] is so kind and the Sweethearts are really friendly.“

For sure all the exchange students will learn and discover all kind of things about Texas and the American culture in a way we never could from books. For ten months we are in a new country, have a new family and we will make a lot of new friends.This incredible experience will be with us for the rest of our lives.

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