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Student Creates Cosplay Costumes

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imageSenior Ryan Baker has a lot of free time.

But instead of doing nothing, Baker channels his creativity into creating cosplay costumes of his favorite characters.

“I enjoy making costumes, but I love having them finished and being able to wear them,” Baker said. “There is nothing more fun than getting to walk around a convention or a fair with people coming up and asking for hugs or to get a picture of you.”

Baker has been working on cosplay for three to four years, and attends many different conventions. While he creates different costumes, he sometimes tweaks costumes he has already made in the past.

“I like doing goofy characters a lot, but it’s also fun to do serious characters and act goofy dressed as them,” Baker said.

There are many steps to creating a costume, according to Baker. First, he gathers pictures of the character to use as a reference, and plans what parts to make or buy.

“Then you just start putting it together, trying your hardest not to burn yourself with the hot glue gun,” Baker said. “And when you’re finished you can run around your house in full costume pretending to be that character and hoping that both nobody is around to see you, and that your windows are closed!”

Baker also edits his own videos, as well as acting in and doing special effects for seniors Jared Johnson and Grayson Green’s YouTube channel, GeekSpeak.

“I usually make and edit videos for my own channel, most of which I haven’t uploaded yet because I don’t think I’m very funny,” Baker said. “I started helping Jared and Grayson in late August, I want to say, and I usually help with props, blood, and if they need one, I’m an okay actor.”

Baker wants to work on his skills now and get a degree in special effects makeup soon.

“I plan on getting a degree in art, design, and teaching, while improving my ┬ácostume-making skills and special effects talents,” Baker said. “[I want to move] out to California to get a degree in special effects makeup.”


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Student Creates Cosplay Costumes