Passion of a Young Actor

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As he walked into the theater room, he was expecting to study Shakespeare and fake his way through monologues. He didn’t know that what he chose to be his blow-off art credit would turn into his passion out of which he would like to create a big future. Senior Devin Jones is now planning to pack his bags and move to LA to pursuing his dreams to not only be a successful actor, but somehow make it on the cast of Saturday Night Live.

“I actually started acting my freshman year; I took Theater Arts as a blow-off class, and I fell in love with it,” Jones said. “It was the year after Theater that someone really encouraged me. I loved it, but I wanted to do sports instead.”

After his freshman year, Jones found himself wanting to be more involved with the Mighty Owl Football Team. So, he ditched the monologues and stage lights for a football helmet and turf to try and find a better fit for himself. Although he thought that he might enjoy football, he kept finding himself turning back to the stage and theater audience, and not the football stadium.

“After a day on the football team I decided against it, and Ms. Lain told me that she would put me in Theater Production, and it went from there,” Jones said.

With the great switch, Jones found himself slowly but surely falling in love with theater production and his classmates around him. After his first performance, he discovered a bolt of energy that he had never experienced before and it only pushed him to continue performing.

“When [I] first step on the stage to perform I get really nervous, but after I built on that feeling, I really got a sense on the character and took in my surroundings,” Jones said. “I definitely felt a strong energy around me that I will never forget; everything was so surreal and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

As Jones has continued performing with theater production, he has definitely seen himself mature on and off of the stage. He spent most of his time really trying to fill the shoes of his character and get into the right mood of the play.

“When I step on the stage now, I definitely feel the same way; it’s actually a lot more exhilarating,” Jones said. “I try to go more in depth with my acting and I really want to build on what I have done so far. My number one dream is to be on SNL, like a part of the cast. If that doesn’t work out, then I would love to be a film critic, act in movies, or screen write.”

Before any of the dreams take place, Jones plans to attend an acting academy in Los Angles, California. He applied to many schools in California and got into most of them, which alone is a big success.

I am excited for my future, but a little scared as well,” Jones says. “I am going to be putting myself out there and it is a big industry to be a part of.” 

Although Jones is a little nervous about his future, he is ready to charge into all of the wonderful opportunities that he will have. Other than being on SNL, he plans to encourag young actors all across the globe.

“I was told that even if you don’t get the role you want, keep trying,” Jones said. “Every opportunity, whether you have accomplished it or not, is a stepping stone. You could build on it or just go down the stairs.”


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